The New School has an expectation that students will wear the school uniform as described below. Some classes, such as PE and Horticulture require students to change into appropriate kit but otherwise uniform code should be adhered to.

Given the nature of difficulties experienced by some of our students eg sensitivity to fabrics or limitations imposed by fixed viewpoints, for some students the expectation is that they will work towards wearing a standard uniform through targeted support. Concessions to uniform code will be outlined in their Care Plan.

Jewellery, accessories etc.

Moderate jewellery is allowed eg stud earrings. Students will be expected to remove any accessories eg scarf where there are likely to be health and safety issues. For the same reason, hair should be tied back for certain activities such as cooking in Home Economics.

After school

Students should have casual clothing to wear after the school day. They should have clothing and footwear appropriate to the school environment and weather conditions. Students may be asked to change if for any reason clothing is deemed to be inappropriate eg revealing or embellished with inappropriate wording or graphics.

Trips out of school

During the school day, uniform should be worn for any trips out of school unless otherwise stated.


  • Black or navy school trousers or skirt.
  • School sweat shirt or ‘hoody’
  • White polo shirt
  • Black shoes