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Newsletter - 01 May 2018

We are emerging from what has been a very difficult period for all concerned. Fundamental to the school’s future prospects will be an increase in the school roll and it is gratifying to see amongst the 60 or so prospective pupils, a large number of serious candidates for the new session beginning in August. Much will depend on decision-making at local authority level and the outcome of tribunal’s, but even at this stage we should be congratulating the work of Dawn and Rose in being at the front end of the school, and working with such warmth and calm efficiency as they process enquiries. Barely a day goes by without a visit or prospective pupil assessment and whilst this can be disruptive at times, it is vital for the long-term future of the school that we rebuild pupil numbers and strengthen our community.

West Highland Way Fundraising Challenge

Jordan, and his Dad, are planning to conquer the world famous West Highland Way in order to raise funds for our school. Click the title of this article for more…

Friday Update (23 Feb 2018)

Good afternoon from a sunny Butterstone.
It has been a while since we have been able to organise an update and we are hoping to have regular updates in future by way of a blog on the website.


For a pupil with Additional Support Needs, the transition from primary to secondary school represents a transformation in daily living equivalent to an adult re-locating from Yarmouth to The Yemen.

Inclusion does NOT mean mainstreaming

Since 1978, Baroness Warnock’s UK government commissioned report, on special education needs, has been used to drive an agenda of mainstreaming for all in education. Almost 30 years later, in 2006, she published a review in which she said…

Happy Holidays

Welcome to the end of term blog - as Christmas gets closer and we all prepare for the festivities in our own way.

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to our new website on behalf of the team of Staff, Governors and Young People. The New School (TNS) is a great place to be – for young people and those a little older!

We Need Student Support Staff

Evening and weekend work with occasional daytime hours. Candidates should preferably have the required qualifications for residential childcare (minimum HNC & SVQ3) and a clean Driving Licence is essential. If interested, please call 01350 724216 or contact us.

Outdoor Day

Look out, Robin Hood…