Meet The Founder

In 1992 Baroness Linklater founded The New School, Butterstone, on the family estate near Dunkeld in Perthshire, as a school for educationally fragile children. The School started with only nine pupils and rapidly expanded to its current capacity roll of up to 40 young people.

FounderBaroness Linklater remained Chairman of the Board of Governors of The New School until 2004 with the School being her central occupation and concern, as well as the wider issues of catering for children who find it impossible to cope in mainstream education but for whom special schools are not appropriate.

She continues to be involved in issues concerning further education, inclusion (and what it means) and the future of vulnerable or fragile children and young people whether they have learning difficulties, are in trouble with the law, or are at risk in some way. She was a member of the Beattie Committee, which made recommendations on Post School Provision for Young People with Special Needs in Scotland. As a Trustee of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, she takes a particular interest in its Education Programme. She is also, inter alia, a Patron of the National Family and Parenting Institute, and a Council member of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

A supporter of the arts, she is Vice-Chairman of the Pushkin Prizes in Scotland, a creative writing prize for secondary school children, and she previously was a Trustee of the Young Musicians Trust and the Gulliver Award for the Performing Arts.

Her interests include music, reading and her family.