Emergency Closures

Despite our rural Perthshire location, there are very few times when the school has to close due to bad weather as we are well prepared for these eventualities. However the guidance below is issued to parents and should be followed if there are any doubts about travel during the Winter months.

Deterioration of weather at weekend

If weather conditions at school have deteriorated over a weekend staff and parents will be contacted by email (phone call if not available by email). All attempts will be made to keep the school open and the access road from Butterstone clear. The car park at Butterstone Hall may be used if required.

A decision will be made by 3pm on Sunday afternoon and students and staff due to return that evening will be informed by email (or phone) should the school need to remain closed. A further update will be issued on Monday morning by 8:00am if the school is to remain closed.

Taxi firms will be contacted.

A pack containing contact details of parents, staff, taxi companies and train timetables will be kept in the office for use in this situation.

Staff and parents may be experiencing conditions at home which prevent travel. They should contact the school to inform of the situation at the first opportunity. If the situation continues staff should contact the school on a daily basis at least one hour before they are due to be on duty.

Deterioration of weather during the school week

Conditions deteriorate as the day progresses:

If a decision is made to close the school, office staff will contact parents and taxi firms. No students will be sent home unless arrangements are made for their return home and travel home is possible and safe. Identified staff will remain in school with students unable to travel home until arrangements are made. Any staff on site will work flexibly to ensure the safety and comfort of students in school. An alternative timetable will be drawn up for residential students in cases where staff members are unable to reach school.