A Head of Care manages this area of the school with a dedicated and experienced body of support staff at hand to help our young people outside of the classroom. Care and Education work closely together ensuring our young people are safe, cared for and healthy. Our aim is to support our young people to be independent in their personal care and to build confidence and resilience.

20170605160108 IMG 0713Our large Care team work with our young people ensuring they are supported in developing good health and hygiene routines and have opportunities for interesting activities in their free time both in school and in the local community. These activities help to develop social skills and encourage friendships.

Senior residential students have the opportunity to live in ‘The Lodge’. Under the supervision of a house parent, they develop life skills of budgeting, buying and preparing food, doing their own laundry and keeping The Lodge clean and tidy.

Each student has a Keyworker who provides regular support and is the person who a student would go to with any concern. The keyworker gets to know the students they are responsible for very well and helps students to overcome their difficulties in a sympathetic and supportive way. Our support staff are recruited on the basis of their skills and experience in working with young people, and their ability to establish positive and understanding relationships with those in their care.

Each young person has a Keyworker who regularly liaises with their family. This ensures that both the school and home are working together to get the best from each individual.

Some young people will require a high level of support and this will be reflected in their Care Plans. Initial assessment may indicate individual young people need one to one support at certain times or in certain situations. This will be factored in to the tailored support package offered and will be reviewed regularly.

The New School is an independent school but is registered with and regulated by The Care Inspectorate. As such we are inspected twice a year and the reports are made available to all parents, pupils and funding authorities.

The New School can provide Care over weekends and holiday periods if required. Outreach support is also available during holiday periods.