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The New School

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What Parents say….

I just wanted to express our thanks for all the hard work and support given to (our son) and our family since his arrival at The New School. The transformation in him is incredible and in his own words ‘I’ve never been so happy. All the teachers and staff are so nice and kind and I want to do well.’

We are so aware it’s early days and there will be challenges ahead but to see him in such a positive way over Christmas and New Year was wonderful. (His keyworker) in particular has clearly put a huge effort into understanding (our son) and getting to know how he sees the world. (Our son has clearly taken a great deal of (his keyworkers) work on board and has someone he can relate to. We wish to express our thanks.

Parents of new 12 year old boy.

Prior to attending the New School our daughter had no quality of life. She didn’t go out and wouldn’t engage with anyone.

In such a short time in an environment that feels safe and is nurturing, our daughter has flourished. She is now able to take part and enjoys lessons, drama, music and especially sports. She now looks forward to school and has made many friends.

We can’t thank the staff of the New School enough for giving our daughter hope for the future.

Parents of 16 year old girl

(My son) has an audition for the B Mus. Course at the Royal Conservatoire to study classical guitar ….please pass on my regards to everyone and thanks once again – without the New School and all of you (my son) would not be in this position.

Parent of student who left two years ago. He took an interest in music and learned to play the guitar during his time at TNS.

I am delighted to see from your Friday Updates that things are continuing to go from strength to strength at the New School. We are realising more and more what a unique opportunity (our son) had when he attended the school. It really prepared him so well for his next steps.

..He is thriving and regularly travels himself to (the city) by bus to get used to busy shops, cafes, cinema etc, and does all his own shopping, cooking, cleaning and washing – without complaints.

…He has made huge amounts of progress and is becoming more and more adept at handling his autism.

Parent of boy who left two years ago.

(My daughter’s last day is rapidly approaching as is the first day of the next stage of her life. As a result my mind has been full of memories, most of them good but some anxious times too.

I can remember very clearly my first visit to The New School wondering how (my daughter) would ever cope being away from home for long periods of time. …As you would expect she coped much better and adapted more quickly than I did.

Since then I have seen (my daughter) grow into a lovely young woman who is kind, caring and reaching a level of  independence I did not think possible. I know this is due to a combination of factors however I also know this is in a very large part due to the endless support, guidance and care afforded to her by every single member of staff.

..I have to thank you all too. For the endless patience, support and guidance you have given me over the years. It is sometimes difficult to express the range of emotions one experiences with a child like (my daughter). Some are expected, some are triggered by a very small incident or comment and are totally unexpected and you are taken unawares. No matter what I have been treated professionally, politely and above al with warmth and respect for which I can’t thank you all enough.

Parent of a girl who left last year.

‘I know (my son) is with people who genuinely care and are there for him, I can say all this stuff and know there is an understanding and an interest in knowing him and helping him. It’s very good for me to know he is with the right people, in the right place and thriving … have no idea how happy it makes me!

Do you hear this often? …I imagine you do…every parent must surely feel this way. It feels like being rescued from what was surely drowning!

Please pass on my deeply felt gratitude to all whom my brilliant son has the benefit of knowing and the support he has needed for so long.

Mother of 12 year old boy four months after starting TNS.